Jacksonville Grand Prix

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The Jacksonville Grand Prix will consist of 19 races this season. The series will start with the Celebration Run on July 4th and will end with the Run for the Pies the following June. Overall scoring will be determined by using age-graded performance factors (these factors are determined as a percentage of the current age record for each age based on information supplied by USA Track and Field). Age group points are based on scoring in the top ten of each age group.


The Grand Prix will be divided into two halves. Ten races in the first half of the season and nine races in the second half. An individual’s grand prix points for overall or age group awards will be calculated based on the highest total points accumulated for EIGHT of the races Two of the lowest scores from the first half and the lowest score from the second half will be thrown out.


If you finish ten of the races during the season, you will receive a custom designed glass mug.  


The Jacksonville Grand Prix is a series of Jacksonville’s best road races. These races are top quality, established events. The courses are measured accurately. Each event offers race results to their finishers, and they are conducted by groups or individuals that have experience and expertise in the field of road racing. As a participant in a Grand Prix event you can rest assured that you are running a worthwhile race.


Any runner can compete in the Jacksonville Grand Prix. You do not have to register to take part. All you have to do is run the events. 1st Place Sports will score each race to see if you have accumulated points in the series. The Grand Prix is designed to determine who the top Jacksonville area runners are, given the age differences. There are two ways to score points. First, in the overall competition based on age-graded performances and second, by finishing in the top ten in your age group. The age group and overall competition are scored separately. The scores are not combined!


Cash awards will be given to the top five overall finishers. It is important to note that in this scoring system, males and females are combined. The cash awards are as follows:

1st place: $1,000
2nd place: $600
3rd place: $400
4th place: $200
5th place: $100

Prize money will not be awarded to anyone below the 20-24 age group unless they have completed their college eligibility.


Points will be awarded ten deep in each age group. After we have determined who the top five runners are for the cash awards we will determine an age-group champion in each of the age-groups as outlined in the rules section. Grand Prix awards will be given to the top three of each age group, but to qualify a runner must accumulate at least 200 points in either the first or second half of the season.


1. All runners will compete for points in their age-groups. Points are earned by placing in the top ten of the male and female divisions.

2. The points scored for placing in the top ten of an age-group are: 1st: 100, 2nd: 85, 3rd: 70, 4th: 55, 5th: 45, 6th: 35, 7th: 25, 8th: 20, 9th: 15, 10th: 10.

3. Overall scoring will be based on age-graded performance factors as determined by USA Track and Field.

4. Points as calculated by 1st Place Sports will be official.

5. Points for the 10 and under and 11-13 age-groups will be based on the accompanying 5K race with the Thanksgiving Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon, the 5 mile in the Winter Beach Run, the 5K in the Pumpkin Run, and the 5K in the Jacksonville Marathon. We do not encourage 13 and under participation in races over 10 miles.

6. Double points will be awarded for the Jacksonville Full Marathon and the Run for the Pies.

7. A runner’s score is the highest point total from either the first or second half of the season.

8. All runners will count in scoring no matter where they reside, unless the runner is receiving financial assistance from the race as an invited runner.

9. There will be two separate competitions: Overall & Age Group. Overall points will be scored by age-graded factors. Points scored in the age groups will be to the top ten finishers in each age group. There will be no bonus points and there does not have to be ten runners in an age group. 10. In the case of ties at the end of the season. The runner with the best finish overall will be the winner.

11. The schedule of events and the dates of these events as outlined are tentative.

12. A runner’s age-group for age-group championship tabulations will be based on age in the first race of each half of the season.

13. Prize money will not be paid to anyone under the age of 21 years.

14. Overall winners will be removed from the age-groups at the end of a season.

15. To qualify for an age-group award, a runner must accumulate 200 points in either the first or second half of the season.