5-Step Fit Process

At 1st Place Sports we offer a fully personalized fitting experience for every one of our guests. Whether you are a new runner, walker, seasoned marathoner or just need something comfortable for work or to help with a nagging injury – we are here to help get you set up to meet your goals!

  • Interview – We will assess your goals, running/walking  history and learn what your needs are!
  • Foot Analysis – You will speak with passionate, knowledgeable staff who will use a few tests to determine your foot shape, size, and mobility.
  • Determining your shoe category – All shoes are not the same so our knowledgeable staff will determine which category best suits your needs.
  • Shoe Fitting – Each shoe company makes shoes for different foot types.  Our staff will bring out a few comparable shoes from different companies to see which one will fit you best. We will let you  make the final selection based on comfort.
  • The Verification – The staff will now let you take the shoes  for a short test run to verify that the selection performs well for you. 

We are not just a shoe store! Our  staff can give advice and tips on nutrition, apparel, sports bras, or anything else running or walking related.