The Baldwin Group Corporate Run

Downtown - Ford on Bay West - 288 East Bay Street - Next to Hyatt Hotel

Thursday, October 10, 2024

6:30 PM

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Let’s celebrate with our co-workers and the entire Jacksonville business community in an event just for US!  The BKS Partners Corporate Run is Jacksonville’s largest and best office party where businesses and non-profits can participate by forming teams to run or walk with their co-workers. This event is well-known for its camaraderie, friendly competition, post-race celebration and FUN! The BKS Corporate Run is all about celebrating workplace fitness, promoting company spirit and celebrating health and wellness in the Jacksonville business community.

Grab your co-workers and Team Up for the fun!!



To Benefit

Local High School Cross Country and Track teams including Summer Camp Scholarships.  Also, to help fund construction of a new three-mile running trail at Aterro Recreation Park on Sunbeam Road.





Each team needs a Team Captain.


  1. Register as captain of your team. Click here.
  2. Promote your team and encourage fellow workers, friends and family to join your team. Only employees count in the scoring.  All team members count for the Team Spirit awards (most participants). To be counted in team scores a team member must work a minimum of 20 hours per week the company.
  3. Download a BKS Partners Corporate Run poster to help you promote.  11 x 17 Poster   or  8.5 by 11 Poster
  4. Get your team training.  Download 8 week Training Program.
  5. Rent a space (if you have a tent) or rent a space with a tent.
  6. Decide how you plan to get your team packets.  Either pick up at 1st Place Sports or have them couriered.
  7. Motivate the company to participate in the t-shirt contest and submit your company’s t-shirt for judging.

Follow these steps to register your team

  1. Create your team at this link
  2. Be sure to check the box that you are going to be a team member.
  3. If you are a CEO check the box.
  4. Rent a tent for the team
  5. Decide how to get your packets
  6. Send your co-workers, family and friends the link to register and join your team.  Same link as above.

Team Captains - Rent a Tent

Team tents are the ideal place to give a pre-race motivational speech or chant company cheers. It provides a sheltered area to host your own private party or give out refreshments to your team members, and it also provides a place to meet after the race to celebrate your team’s achievement! Team tents start at $250. If you have your own tent just rent a space. A 10 by 10 space rents for $200.

You can rent a tent or space without at tent at the link below.  You can also increase the size of your area and rent larger spaces and tents at this link.

Rent a Tent

Entry Fees

Through September 30th$35
Starting October 1st$40

Please try to register early and no later than Friday, October 13th to ensure that we have time to prepare your team packet for pickup starting Tuesday, October 17th.


Sorry, there are NO REFUNDS!

How To Get Your Team Packets

Pickup at 1st Place Sports

Packets will be available for pickup on Tuesday, October 17th, from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Wednesday, October 18th, from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM at 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Road.

Race Day Pickup

Packets will also be available on race day, October 19th at the race site.  This is not encouraged.

Have your packets delivered by courier

You can pay $50 to have your team packets couriered to your location. Pay to have your packets delivered to you.



Overall Team Awards

Award will be presented at the race site (starting at 7:30 PM) in the following Categories:

  1. Top three male and female corporate teams overall.  Winners of these team awards can come from any of the team divisions except the club division.  All four scoring team members must be employees of the company and work at least 20 hours per week.  Employment will be verified.
  2. Team Division awards (see requirements below)
  3. Top three male and female CEOs.
  4. Top three male and females overall.
  5. Top three most Participation awards.
  6. Best T-shirt awards)

Team Awards- by Division

Awards will be presented at the  race to the top three teams in each division based on the following scoring.

  1. The top four finishers from a team will be counted in the scoring.
  2. At least one finisher counting in the scoring must be a female.
  3. The finish times of the four counting team members will be added together to determine the team score.
  4. All counting team members times will be determined by chip time.
  5. Team members must register for the race and wear an official race bib with an attaching timing chip on the back of the bib during the race.
  6. Chip time is determined based on the time between when a participant crosses the start until they cross the finish.
  7. To count in the team scoring, team members must work 20 hours per week. Winners employment will be verified.
  8. There are 14 different divisions.  See list below.

Team Spirit Award

The top three Teams with the most participants (runners & walkers) will be awarded Team Spirit awards at the awards ceremony right after the race.

CEO Competition

Anyone participating in the CEO category must be the most senior full time employee of the company. A person does not necessarily need to hold the CEO title (i.e. President, Owner, etc.) To participate in the CEO category, participants MUST be preregistered as a CEO prior to race night. No changes to CEO status will be made on race night. A CEO may only be listed on one team. CEO Competition is open to companies with 5 or more full time employees.

T-shirt Contest

There will be a T-shirt contest for any companies who want to participate. Awards will be given on race night to the winner in the following categories: Most Original Design, Most Colorful, and Most Creative Use of Your Company Logo.

Mail or drop off a sample of your company shirt to the Race Office at 3931 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, FL 32217 by Friday, October 7th. For identification, please attach a business card from your company to the inside collar of your shirt. Shirts will be judged prior to raceday, and all submitted shirts will be displayed on race night.


Banking & Financial
Banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, stock brokers, and real estate firms.

Running clubs, health clubs, etc. Do not have to be employees.

Grade Schools, High Schools, Colleges.

Life, Health, Auto, HMO’s, PPO’s.

Law firms, police teams, government agencies dealing strictly in law enforcement.


Any business that provides a service or expertise and not covered by any other division in this listing,

Manufacturing & Construction
Engineers, Architects, Any company involved in manufacturing or construction.

Media & Communications
Television, radio, newspaper and magazine, advertising, telephone, computers, paging companies, & electronics, and PR firms.

Hospitals, medical centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, therapy companies, etc.

Military & Government
Any division of city, county, state or federal government, or any branch of the military .

Any company or organization not fitting into one of the other divisions.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Must be registered with the State of Florida

Sales, Retail and Hospitality
Businesses involved in retail or wholesale sales.

Railroad, trucking, shipping, automobile dealerships, etc.


Big Post Race Celebration!

Music and free beer and refreshments will be available immediately following the race.

Seed your fastest runners!

10% of your participants (i.e. 45 participants = 5 seeded runners, up to a maximum of 25 runners) can be seeded! Seeded runners are the fastest runners and will be at the front of the starting line. Seeded runners should be able to complete the run in 25 minutes or less.

At packet pick-up, the Team Captain will receive wristbands for their top 10% runners. It is up to the Team Captain to distribute the wristbands to whichever runners are going to be in the seeded section. Only those runners who wear the wristband will be allowed in the “seeded corral” at the start line. It is not mandatory to seed runners. You do not have to take the wrist bands if you don’t want to seed any of your runners.

Water/Aid Stations

Water/Aid stations will be located at the start, 1/2 way on the course, and at the finish.

Complementary Team Photos

Complimentary team photos will be taken from 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM. Look for the TEAM PHOTO sign at the race site and come early to have your company photo taken. We encourage all participants to wear your company T-shirts.


For safety reasons, baby joggers/strollers, bicycles, rollers skates, in-line skates, and dogs are prohibited from the race course.

Race Timing

We will be using the Race Result system to time runners. Your Timing Chip will be located on the back of your race number.

Course Restrictions

Bikes and dogs are not allowed on the course under any circumstance. Biking next to a runner could lead to the runner being disqualified.