Running Lab

1st Place Sports Running Laboratory

The 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory is an exciting collaboration between the Jacksonville University Kinesiology program and 1st Place Sports. Biomechanical analysis has begun. VO2/Running Economy analysis begins soon!


  • Offer Scientific Analyses. Our goal is to provide inexpensive state-of-the-art biomechanical and VO2/Running Economy analyses for runners.
  • Conduct research. JU has collaborated with the University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic (a world leader) to develop the 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory and a running biomechanics research agenda.
  • Another important JU goal is to use the laboratory as a platform to educate, train, and fund students.


The laboratory is located at the Jacksonville Beach store, 424 S. 3rd Street, Jacksonville Beach.


  • Signup for a time slot by clicking here.
  • Visit the lab to be analyzed and have data collected (45 minutes)!  Wear the least reflective running attire you have!
  • Return to the lab one week later to receive an extensive biomechanical report and a 20 minute consultation
  1. Apply 30 reflective markers.
  2. Complete a brief warm-up on the treadmill.
  3. Run 3 minutes at preferred pace.
  4. Run 3 minutes at training pace.
  5. Collect data at 200 frames per second using state-of-the-art motion-analysis cameras.

The runner’s biomechanics are compared to a database of 5000 runners using software developed by the University of Calgary.

1. Average data report.

2. Figures for 20-30 strides (compared to database of runners).

3. Consistency of running mechanics. Developed by JU Running Biomechanics Laboratory. We determine how consistent your running mechanics are from stride-to-stride.

4. Slow-motion videos. Developed by JU Running Biomechanics Laboratory. We collect slow-motion videos at the runner’s “preferred” and “training” paces. All trials are synced and displayed together.


  • Coming soon
  • We are excited to announce that full VO2 and Running Economy analysis is scheduled to begin in mid-august using a Parvo metabolic system:


Dr. Jeff Wight, Assistant Professor, JU Kinesiology.

BS in Biology (University of Wisconsin)
MS in Biomechanics (University of Delaware)
PhD in Biomechanics (University of Florida)

Dr. Jeff Wight is the director of the 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory. Dr. Wight a sport biomechanist and avid runner with over 10 years coaching experience. His research interests include running biomechanics and baseball pitching biomechanics. Dr. Wight will oversee all biomechanical analyses at the 1st Place Sports Laboratory.


Dr. David Hooper, Assistant Professor, JU Kinesiology.

We are excited to introduce our newest member of the team, Dr. David Hooper! Dr. Hooper has joined the JU Kinesiology faculty and has expertise in exercise physiology (PhD from Ohio State). Dr. Hooper will oversee VO2 and running economy testing at the 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory.

Jordon Garman, Graduate Assistant, JU Kinesiology

Jordon is a current graduate student who is funded by the 1st Place Sports Graduate Assistantship. His primary duties include working in the 1st Place Sports Running Laboratory and conducting research on running biomechanics. Jordon is an avid runner and 1st Place Sports employee.