Race FAQ’s


  • How do you time the races?

    BibTag System

    The MYLAPS BibTag system is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user friendly for participants. It is the world’s only timing system with just a single tag attached to the bib number. We simply distribute the bibs with integrated tags to the runner and the results are guaranteed.

    ChampionChip Timing System

    Each runner wears a ChampionChip in order to identify the participanbt and to record the exact time they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ChampionChip sends out a unique signal. We use different ChampionChips depending on the event.

    1. Our timing chip that is “rented” to participants and must be returned. It is either picked up by the participant at the event, or in some cases for larger events, is distributed in packets beforehand. The chip attaches to the shoe with a zip tie, velcro strip, or can be threaded through the shoe laces.

    2. Single-use chips that can be disposed of after the event. The will also attach to your shoe, but do not need to be returned, and can not be used for any other event.

  • How do I get my timing chip and what do I do with it?

    For most of our races, you will pick up your chip on race day at the registration area. For some of the larger races we put on, you may receive the chip when you pick up your race packet. The chip must be worn on your shoe or ankle during a race to ensure the timing mats will read the chip. You must cross the timing mats at the start and finish to be included in the results. Sometimes, the timing chip will be attached on the back of your race number. In this case, just make sure you wear your race number on the front of your shirt or shorts. These chips are made specially and the timing mats will pick them up.

  • Can I wear my own personal timing chip at your races?

    Yes, if we are using the timing chips that you attach to the shoe or ankle, and you pre-register, you can use your own timing chip. You will enter your chip number on the race entry form, and deduct $2.00 from the entry fee.


    If the event is using the BibTag timing system, where your race number already has a timing chip attached to it, then you CANNOT use your own chip.

    If you wait to sign up on Raceday, you CANNOT use your own chip. The day before the race, we feed all the timing chips into our registration system, so when participants get to the race, there is already a timing chip corresponding to their assigned race number. Meaning if you sign up on raceday, the race number you receive already has a timing chip designated to it in our system. This is why you HAVE to wear the chip we give you!

  • What happens if I lose the timing chip during the race or afterwards?

    Your race entry fee covers the cost of the chip rental. At the finish line, we have bins set up for Chip return. If you lose your chip, it is a $30.00 replacement fee. Make sure your chip is securely fastened to your shoe.




  • What is Gun Time vs. Chip Time?

    Gun time is the amount of time it takes you from when the race begins to when you cross the finish line. Chip time is the amount of time it took you from when you crossed the starting line to when you crossed the finish line. Usually, unless you are right at the front of the starting line, your gun time will be slower than your chip time.

  • My chip time is faster than the person listed before me in the results. Why am I not listed first?

    Per United States Track and Field rules and regulations, awards and results are based on gun times, not chip times. The person listed above you most likely had a faster gun time.

  • My chip time says I ran faster. It isn't fair that I didn't win my age group! Please explain.

    USATF Rules and Regulations state that awards are given based on gun time. The first person to cross the finish line wins.

    We only include chip times in our results for two reasons: to give individual participants a true sense of their finish time, and in case of any ties or cheating inquiries. We don’t use Chip Times for awards or listing results. USATF rules explain it like this:

    USATF Rule 245.1 states “The order in which the athletes cross the finish line will be the official finish position.” Further, Rule 245.3 – regarding transponder timing – “the actual time elapsed between an athlete reaching the starting line and finish line can be made known to the athlete, but will not be considered as official time.” In short, official time per USATF rule is gun time.

    To read an article that better explain this rule, click here.


Entry fees are non-refundable. This policy applies to all entrants and is in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected family/business emergency, have a medical emergency, etc. If the course has to be changed or the race cancelled due to an act of nature, or the event time changed due to circumstances beyond our control, there are no refunds or rollovers. You may not sell, transfer or give your bib to another person, unless given express permission by race organizers. There are NO exceptions.


During 1st Place Sports events, there is always the potential for extreme or severe weather conditions (for example: lightning, tornado, high winds, extreme hot or cold temperatures, etc…). 1st Place Sports will do as much as we can to make the experience as safe as possible. But if there is severe weather, the race may be delayed as race officials consult public safety officers. If there is more than a reasonable delay, or if conditions persist, race officials reserve the right to shorten or cancel the race. Entry fees are non-refundable. Please check the event website, our 1st Place Sports social media, and your email before the race for any changes or cancellations. If you are already at the event, listen to the announcer about any weather changes that may occur.